Compare the Best International Loans Online

You might be dealing with car payments, a hospital visit, education, or any of the other thousands of reasons why people seek out for online loans. Sometimes, unexpected expenses will arise, which will especially cause you to panic if you don’t immediately have money available. Know that you’re not alone and it has become easier than ever even for people with bad or no credit to take out loans.

Recommended International Lenders


LenderLoan AmountDurationRates*
300 - 6000 Eur
12-60 months
From 6,41%
2 Paskolų klubas
300–10 000 Eur
< 60 months
6–24 %
3 Paskola23
< 15 000 Eur
3–60 months

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LenderLoan AmountDurationRates*
CreditOn LV
up to 4000 €
up to 48 months
2 Ladyloan LV
up to 4000 €
up to 48 months
3 Sefinance
up to 200000 €
up to 30 years

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LenderLoan AmountDurationRates*
up to 30 000 Rub.
up to 21 d.
From 2,23%.
2 GreenMoney
up to 25 000 Rub.
up to 168 d.
From 0,95%
3 MoneyMan
up to 70 000 Rub.
up to 18 weeks

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LenderLoan AmountDurationRates*
up to £1000
up to 12 months
from 274%
2 Creditstar UK
up to £700
up to 6 months
from 274%
3 QuickQuid
up to £700
up to 3 months
from 274%

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LendersLoan amountDurationRates*
up to 15000 hryvnia
up to 30 days
from 0%
2 CreditKasa
up to 10000 hryvnia
up to 27 days
0.01% per day
3 Moneyveo
up to 15000 hryvnia
up to 30 days
0.01% per day

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Interest Rates

*Each lender has certain eligibility criteria which the borrower should meet to get a loan. The interest rate that you will be charged by the lender depends on several different factors. Some of these will include your credit score, history, and the reason why you need the loan. The lender will be the one to determine your interest rate, which you will need to agree upon. is not a lender so that is not involved in the process of loan approval process. If you need a loan offer, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the lender’s website carefully.

What are Online Loans?

An online loan, much like a regular loan, will provide you with the money you need almost immediately for you to resolve whatever issue you have come across.

They’re easy and convenient; you don’t even need to leave your house in order to apply for an online loan. This can simply be done from your phone, tablet, or computer.

There are many online lenders which will let you see how much you will qualify for and approximately how much your estimated rates are without you having to actually commit to a loan.

If you don’t have a particularly good credit score, or if you have just begun to build your credit history, online loans are a good option for you. Many online lenders don’t immediately look to your credit score to determine whether you’ll be approved for a loan. They may look at your account transactions, your education, or your job.

How Does It Work?

Compare the Best International Loans Online

You’ll first need to have your documentation prepared with you. This includes basic information about you, your Social Security Number, and some proof of income, such as your W-2. You also have to be 18 years or older.

You will then need to visit a lender’s website of your choice, and go on to fill out an application for a loan. Then, they may check your credit score and other factors that could influence their decision.

If approved, the lender will send the money to your bank account, in many cases it should be ready by the next day.

When you’ll need to pay back the loan depends on what type of loan you get. For example, if you choose a payday loan, the lender will immediately remove the money you receive from your next paycheck to pay off the loan. This may be inconvenient if you do not make enough. Personal installment loans are considered to be the safest of all online loans, and allow you to pay the loan back in several installments rather than all at once.

What Should You Know?

As with anything on the Internet, you should not immediately trust the first online lender you come across. Do your homework thoroughly to find a reputable lender.

The most important factors you should look for when researching online loans include the interest rate, how much time you have to pay the loan off, how quickly you will receive the money, and hidden or additional fees and restrictions.

The last thing you want to do is find yourself with a loan that you will not be able to pay off. So make sure you do your research carefully, and make sure that you have read through all the terms and conditions.
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