About Us

‘Paskolu Atsiliepimai LT’ is an independent team with financial challenges and goals like every one of you. Our goal is to analyze and provide subjective information about companies that help achieve these goals, i.e. creditors and lending companies all over the world.

What we do and how do we work?

  • First of all, we do the research, looking for lending companies online. We takes notes of all the necessary information on the website such as: what type of loans are offered, loan amount and repayment terms, interest rates, and other conditions.
  • Then we analyze the terms of the loan: what kind of people can apply for a credit, are there any hidden administration fees, how to take out a loan, how long is it given for, etc.
  • It is also very important to evaluate the use of the website and its convenience. We analyze website functionality, how informative it is, if it has FAQ page, and other aspects.
  • We careful review the loan return conditions: whether it is possible to extend it, the conditions for returning a loan before a deadline, the manners in which customers are required to inform lending companies about the possible delays.
  • We check for all available payment methods.
  • In order to evaluate the quality of the customer service system, we contact the employees of the lending company, on one or the other issues, via e-mail, telephone or live chat (if the site has such functionality). This way, we not only check the responsiveness, but also the communication skills, the ability to respond promptly to the client’s needs.
  • We also take into account the feedback and reviews of the customers who have already used the services of the company – it helps to find out whether the company is acting in good manner, how it deals with payment delays, the attitude towards clients, the communication of employees and other conditions.
  • We evaluate pros and cons of a credit-providing company that include key features that need to be addressed before using their services.

All the information, ratings, and comparisons on our website is subjective opinion of the individuals who have analyzed it, or are/were customers of those companies. We may make recommendations, but we do not guarantee that you or other people who will use services of the reviewed companies in the future will have the same or similar experience when taking a loan.

How we make money?

Our sources and information are 100% free, you will never have to pay for advice and assistance on this site. However, we may receive commissions from lenders if you decide to use their services. That won’t cost you anything extra. This also doesn’t influence our ratings and reviews. Our site visitors and readers always come first.

We take your safety seriously. We follow best security practices to protect your personal data. We do not sell or rent user data or information. This is not part of our business model. You can learn more about our privacy policy by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please message us at: info @ paskoluatsiliepimai.lt

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