The Best Online Loans in Lithuania – TOP 10

Companies providing payday loans, short term, and long terms credits in Lithuania, can help you with your financial needs. Each lender has a fixed interest rates, terms and conditions for repayment. Therefore, as with all financial decisions, it is necessary to study the proposed terms well.

Bellow we provide the detailed information about each company, and in our unbiased review of their services, to help you find the best lender, offering the most favorable terms for given loans, depending on your needs.

Updated: 01.07.2019
LenderReviewRatingLoan AmountPeriod

“FinBee“ is the company that includes not only borrowers but also those willing to contribute their money and receive interest. Due to such a business principle, the loan conditions can be more flexible, auctions (negotiations) are taking place at lower interest rates, which is especially useful for those who want to get a loan. This platform is balanced for those, who want to borrow a bit larger amounts (from 300 EUR) and will not really be suitable for those, who enjoy quick short-term loans or credits. By the way, you have to be patient to allow Finbee employees to analyze your data and find a funder, for up to several days.

300 - 6000 Eur
12-60 months
2 Paskolų klubas

Paskolų klubas

“Paskolų klubas“ is a lending platform, based on a person-to-person (p2p) basis, in which credits are covered by other people (investors). When borrowing money from other people, it is often possible to adjust the conditions or specify what amount in what period of time you can return it. However, keep in mind that medium interest is accompanied by interest rates, and to get a loan very quickly, might not be possible, because you have to wait until you will be chosen by an investor. The cool thing is that here you can receive a loan up to 10,000 EUR, as well as refinancing services.

300–10 000 Eur
< 60 months

““ provides only credits for personal loans up to 4000 EUR and for refinancing up to 7000 EUR. The site has very clear terms and conditions, multiple options, convenient registration, and the account management. Even though this lender might not be suitable for those who want larger business or mortgage loans, it can be a great platform for those looking or a quick loan, and a warm, informative consultant communication.

< 4000 Eur
< 36 months
4 TF Bank LT

TF Bank LT

““ provides consumer credits up to 5000 EUR, so it will be suitable for those who want to receive a loan for a larger amount. Individuals, 22 years old and over, and who have a fixed income, can receive loans, and the annual interest rate can range from ~12.9% to 16.9%. The website clearly states loan terms and it‘s easy to use. You will be able to communicate with the company only on the phone and by email, contracts are made, using courier services. Also, each month there is an administrative fee of 6.9 EUR. If you delay the repayment without informing the bank, the interest for late payment will be calculated in accordance with the law, which is 0.05% for each overdue day.

1000–5000 Eur
12–60 months
5 Mokilizingas


““ is especially convenient for people, who often buy things or borrow money through leasing. The company issues MOKILIZINGO Cards, which can be used for payments and withdraw money from ATMs. If the leasing is paid by the end of the next month, it will not be subject to interest. The self-service system is rather simple and quick to fill, so it will not take a long time if you want to receive a loan or leasing. However, by borrowing from this site, you should be prepared to pay interest for at least one delayed return day and, in some cases, potentially complex communication with the consultants.

50-10 000 Eur
<60 months

““ is a company, offering a wide range of services. Here you can take consumer, SMS loans, pledge a real estate or a car. Fast credits amount to 2000 EUR, and in case of financial difficulties, a payment extension service is available. Still, instant credits are the most popular and most recommended, quick and convenient way to borrow money quickly. Although the first credit is offered for free, it is necessary to take into account conditions that are limited. If you want to take a credit, be sure to check out the terms on their site and weight your options.

100-10000 Eur
15d. - 6y.

““ has a wide range of loan offers, covering both instant SMS loans and loans with real estate, which can reach up to 100,000 EUR. It is convenient that one repayment can be postponed up to 3 times, but it should be noted that this should be done at least a few days before the set date, otherwise the debt will be transferred to the Debt Collection Department. In the event of any questions or problems, you will have be patient; contacting with consultants and solving problems may take long time.

500-100 000 Eur
< 4 years
8 Bobutės paskola

Bobutės paskola

"Bobutės paskola" is a quick way if you have a shortage of money and you need to get it fast. It is targeted at amounts up to 4000 EUR, but borrowing is only worthwhile if you need a small loan, because the company calculates relatively high interest rates. The cool thing is that here you will always find great offers, e.g. you can postpone payments or get a first loan of up to 200 EUR for free. Nevertheless, one should be cautious - the company does not remind that the loan repayment term is approaching, and it may take a long time to litigate in a court for delay.

< 50–5000 Eur
< 3–48 months

““ is a fast payday loan lender online for people with a fixed income and who want to borrow larger amounts, up to 5000 EUR. Because the financial situation of clients is thoroughly checked, it is not a loan for the unemployed or for students. Although interest rates on a loan are relatively high, they can be regulated by repaying faster. If this is not possible and you know that you will be late to repay, there is always a possibility to extend your loan.

100-5000 Eur
<48 months

* We try to keep all the information about lenders and their offers (interest rates, loan duration, etc.) updated all the time, but make sure to check this information on the lender’s page before taking out a loan. And this probably goes without saying: weight your financial situation carefully before taking on any loan; make sure you will be able to repay on time avoiding avoiding extra interest and penalties.

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