Credit Loans Online in Latvia – TOP 10

Credit Loans Online in Latvia – TOP 10

It doesn’t matter where we live, at some point in our lives, we may experience a cash shortage. In such cases, we need additional financial contribution in order to make ends meet. For this purpose, many companies provide quick online loans to cover such urgent expenses.

In this article, we’re going to provide a list of 10 services in Latvia that can help you to easily overcome financial hardships. Each of them has both pros and cons, and if you know about them, you will have a better opportunity to choose the most profitable one for your particular situation, while taking into account your cash flow and your ability to pay the loan back.

1 Sefinance


Sefinance is a company which is registered in the Consumer Rights Protection Centre. It provides several loans: consumer loans, car leasing, mortgage loans, as well as refinancing other clients. The interest rates vary depending on the amount and ...
Deal Score+72
2 Bino LV

Bino LV

Bino operates accordingly with industry standards and is a member of the Alternative Financial Services Association of Latvia. Interest rate is not accrued for the first loan of 500 EUR. Bino provides quick loans to Latvian citizens who are 20-75 ...
Deal Score+64


Vizia provides loans to Latvians who are 20-80 years old. It’s required to have an active mobile phone number and bank account. In case a client repays a loan using the first payment, interest is not counted. If it’s necessary, a client may change ...
Deal Score+40
4 CreditOn LV

CreditOn LV

Crediton provides 3 kinds of loans: short-term loan (up to 700 € for 30 days), credit line (up to 2000 € for a period up to 4 years) and customer credit (up to 4000 € for a period up to 4 years). Crediton is a very stable company, which has a ...
Deal Score+39
5 Ladyloan LV

Ladyloan LV

On the loan market Ladyloan is positioned as a “feminine lender”, i.е. it is focused on a female audience. Like Crediton, it offers 3 kinds of microloans: short-term loan (up to 500 € for a period up to 30 days), credit line (up to 2000 € for a ...
Deal Score+36
6 Banknote


Banknote is a company providing express loans both online and in its branches. Consumer loans are given for free for a period of 30 days. To get a loan, you need to be a Latvian resident who is 20-80 years old. You may get consumer loans, senior ...
Deal Score+36
7 Credit 24 LV

Credit 24 LV

Credit24 is a Latvian company providing quick loans. Its advantage is 0% interest rate for a period up to 60 days for a credit line. Applications are reviewed every day from 8 am to 10 pm. This service implements additional service MIERS which ...
Deal Score+30
8 Mogo LV

Mogo LV

Mogo has a reputation of being an extremely responsible lender on the payday loans market. This is proved by the license given by Consumer Rights Protection Centre in 2012. This service is convenient due to its car financing feature so that you can ...
Deal Score+20
9 Atrum LV

Atrum LV

Atrum provides 2 kinds of payday loans: short-term (up to 500 EUR for a period up to 30 days) and long-term (up to 1000 EUR for a period up to 12 months). The first loan is free, then interest is counted based on a rate of 179,03 %. You may send an ...
Deal Score+3
10 LKCentrs


Lkcentrs is a loan company providing 6 kinds of services: consumer loan, joining loans into one loan, car leasing, mortgage loans, loans for overseas workers and business loans. The loan process lasts just 15 minutes. Early repayment doesn’t lead to ...
Deal Score+3

Updated – 01.08.2020

It’s obvious that the competition of credit loan lenders market in Latvia encourages each of these companies to offer distinctive benefits. Some of them offer free options of loans for first-time customers (for example, Bino or Banknote). Others offer mortgage loans which give more guarantees (for example, Sefinance and Banknote). Potential borrowers can choose the best option for their situation much more easily if they know the terms and conditions of the companies listed above.

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